January 1: Ice Cube & B-Real End Beef. (1997)

January 1, 1997 – As B-Real tells it, On This Date In Hip-Hop, he and Ice Cube deaded their beef — officially ending the Cypress Hill vs Westside Connection (minus WC) rap war.

ABOVE: The Ice Cube Cypress Hill Beef

The Beef

The beef, which started over alleged stolen hooks/lines (Cypress. Hill’s “Throw Your Set In The Air & Ice Cube’s “Friday”), yielded a few diss records including “No Rest For The Wicked”, “King Of The Hill” and “Ice Cube Killer.”

ABOVE: Cypress Hill – Throw Your Set In The Air
ABOVE: Ice Cube – Friday

The Disses

Cypress Hill would go on to diss Cube by name via the song “No Rest For The Wicked” on Temples of Boom.

Cube and Mack 10 responded to Cypress Hill on “King of the Hill” on Bow Down.

The Absence of WC

Although WC made a cameo appearance on “King of the Hill,” Dubb stayed out the beef because he was good friends with Cypress Hill.

ABOVE: Why WC Stayed Out The Beef

Thank God cooler heads prevailed. This beef was definitely headed off wax on onto the streets.

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