January 01: Ice Cube & B-Real End Beef. (1997)

January 01, 1997 – As B-Real tells it, On This Date In Hip-Hop, he and Ice Cube deaded their beef — officially ending the Cypress Hill vs Westside Connection (minus WC) rap war. What did it take for the beef to stop? All it took was one call from #Mack10 to B-Real.. And then a call from Cube to B-Real where they resolved their differences.

ABOVE: The Ice Cube Cypress Hill Beef
ABOVE: Why WC Stayed Out The Beef

The beef, which started over alleged stolen hooks/lines (Cypress. Hill’s “Throw Your Set In The Air & Ice Cube’s “Friday”), yielded a few diss records including “No Rest For The Wicked”, “King Of The Hill” and “Ice Cube Killer.”

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