Gas prices up and down like it’s Wall Street, holmes. But, for now #BumpItOrDumpIt in stories is $10 and#BumpItOrDumpIt on Main page is $35

Want to get your song, video, product on our website and social media platforms? We can help you get your song or video placed in front of a 100% HIP-HOP niche who are fully engaged with what we post to the internets.

There is currently 2 types of booking:

BUMP IT OR DUMP IT [MAIN PAGE] posts are voted on by our followers. If you’re looking for 100% honest feedback from a Hip-Hop audience then this is the play for you. Cool thing about it is:  you get to pick the date and time that you want your music to post. In addition to that, for videos, you have the option to select what segment [timestamp] of the video you want posted. you get a post to our website, a Twitter post AND a post to our Instagram with this this booking. These posts DO NOT delete from Instagram or website.

BUMP IT OR DUMP IT [STORIES] posts are also voted on by our followers. These posts are shared in our Instagram stories using the voting feature. The posts live for the 24 hours that Instagram allows and when the post has finished, we will send you the poll results. Posts with an 85% Bump rate will get a FREE post to the main page and will also get posted to our website/app and other social media.

No. Your post stays forever.

Yes. You may submit for free.

However, I’m not going to waste my time listening to your shit if you don’t support my movement. So, in order to submit, you must have earned enough Ka$h. Ka$h is a form of money that you earn for supporting OTDIHH.

You earn Ka$h by creating an account here, visiting pages on the website, commenting on posts and in the forums. I also give away random ka$h kodes on Instagram so look out for those.

If you have enough Ka$h to submit for free, then head over HERE and submit your music.

Yes. Take a look at a few Bump It or Dump It posts HERE and see how our followers responded.


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