January 14: Slick Rick Was Born. (1965)

January 14, 1965 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Ricky “Slick Rick” Walters was born in London. Slick Rick would grow up to: (1) be blinded in his right eye by glass as a baby, (2) move to The Bronx at the age of 11, (3) major in visual art, (4) form The Kangol Crew, (5) become a member of the Get Fresh Crew, (6) become the 3rd artist signed to DefJam, (7) have to bust on his cousin after being threatened by him, (8) spend 5 years in prison, (9) mentor kids about violence, (10) release 4 albums, (11) be name dropped in 50+ hip-hop songs, and (12) tell one of the best children stories – EVER.

Happy Birthday Rick the Ruler!!

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