January 14: Sinister Was Born. (1970)

January 14, 1970 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, the OG Timothy “Sinister” Johnson was born. OG Sinister would grow up to: (1) attend Fremont High, (2) spend time in juvie, (3) throw up Neighborhood Familys specifically the #88Mobsters clique, (4) beat a double murk case, (5) secure a record deal with Interscope via Suge Knight, (6) beef with B-Real, (7) live the life of a sinner as he mob’d for life, (8) release 2 albums (1 posthumously), (9) dig a ditch for a snitch, and (10) be gunned down in his hood after returning home from a party. 

#HappyBirthday and #SIPSinister

Above: Sinister Disses B-Real on Don’t Get It Twisted

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