Drink Champs: Snoop Dogg Interview

April 16 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Drink Champs took a road trip to Inglewood to interview Snoop Dogg at his compound. During the 2-hour chop up, Snoop dogg details owning Death Row, working at Def Jam, his relationship with Puffy, the East vs. West coast beef and more.

• The Game’s absence from Super Bowl (4:00 mark)
• Snoop’s relationship with Puffy (14:00 mark)
• Snoop owning Death Row (22:30 mark)
• Outgrowing Gangbangin (34:30 mark)

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  1. Like the homie Nino Man said “Niggas getting money, Fuck it up, Mad dumb, Foolish and petty, Like we ain’t see niggas before us do this already” Salute to Big Snoop