January 6: Big Fase 100 Was Born. (1975)

January 6, 1975 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, George Big Fase 100 Taylor III was born.

Growing Up

Big Fase 100 would grow up to: (1) bang Cedar Block Piru, (2) kick off a resurgence on the West Coast by helping establish Black Wal lStreet with his lil brother, The Game, (3) found Brazil Street Records and One Hunned Entertainment, (4) release 3 albums and 8 mixtapes, and (5) certify his brother’s gangsta.

ABOVE: Big fase 100 – Great Expectations

The Legacy

The Box played a MAJOR role in the success of Bone Thug’s Thuggish Ruggish Bone (most requested video in 1993) and videos by the Bloods And Crips.

ABOVE: Big fase 100 – Red Bandana

Happy P Day Fase!

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