April 4: Big Pun’s Yeeeah Baby Is Released. (2000)

April 4, 2000 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Big Pun’s 1st posthumous album Yeeeah Baby was released. Led by It’s So Hard and 100%, Pun’s PLATINUM album would peak at #3 on the 2pac 200. #NoTypo

ABOVE: Big Pun – “It’s So Hard”

The album features dimes by Donnell Jones, Cuban Link, M.O.P., Tony Sunshine, Sunkiss, Remi Martin, Drag-on, Fat Joe, and Prospect.

ABOVE: Big Pun – “100%”

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  1. I remember skipping school to this album, also grabbed the it’s so hard 12” (pause) with the extended version and the “Still not a player” vinyl with the ‘fuck’ instead of ‘crush’ same day.