January 3: Murder Inc. Raided By The Feds. (2003)

January 3, 2003 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, the Murder INC offices were raided by federal investigators looking for a financial link between the Gotti brothers and a New York drug gang ran by Kenneth Supreme McGriff.

The Raid

The Federal Bureau of Investigation executed a high-profile raid on the offices of Murder Inc, the notorious record label that has long been synonymous with the gritty underworld of hip-hop. The raid, conducted under the umbrella of an ongoing criminal investigation, aimed to expose the alleged criminal activities intertwined with the label’s operations.

The Murder Inc. Trial

The Trial

The trial not only served as a legal battleground but also prompted soul-searching within the hip-hop community, forcing artists and fans alike to confront the uneasy relationship between the genre’s street credibility and the legal ramifications of its cultural expression. As the verdict loomed, the trial became a pivotal moment in hip-hop history, with the outcome poised to shape the industry’s future and redefine the boundaries between art and crime.

50 Cent’s Take

If there’s anything that Irv Gotti and 50 Cent agree on is that irv Gotti was never involved in anything criminal. LOL

50 Cent’s take on Irv’s Fed case.

The Fall of Murder Inc

The Gotti’s were ultimately acquitted but the trial took a toll on their company and they were unable to recover.


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