January 3: Angela Yee Was Born. (19**)

January 3, 19** – On This Date In Hip-Hop, my play-wife Angela Yee was born in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York.

Growing Up

Angela Yee would grow up to: (1) major in English, (2) write the skits on GZA’s Beneath The Surface, (3) work for Shady Limited, (4) host Lip Service and The Morning After on Shade 45, (5) become 1/3 of The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1, (6) manage Jay Electronica, (7) appear in FORBES, (8) own a juice bar in Brooklyn, and (9) kick it from the stoop.


Angela Yee & Wu-Tang

Beyond her radio career, Angela Yee has demonstrated her versatility in various media ventures. She is the founder of the health and wellness podcast network, “Lip Service,” where she fearlessly explores topics related to relationships, sex, and personal growth. Yee’s entrepreneurial spirit also led her to co-own the Brooklyn juice bar, “Juices for Life,” with fellow entrepreneurs Styles P and Jadakiss. This venture reflects her commitment to promoting healthy living within her community.

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Angela Yee’s influence extends beyond the airwaves and business ventures. As a philanthropist, she actively engages in charitable initiatives and advocates for social causes. With her magnetic personality, business acumen, and dedication to positive change, Angela Yee continues to inspire and empower individuals on their journeys to success and well-being.


Happy Birthday Angela Yee!!

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