June 2: B-Real Was Born. (1970)

June 2, 1970 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Louis “B-Real” Freese was born in Los Angeles, CA. B-Real would grow up to: (1) drop out of high school, (2) become a member of Cypress Hill who would become the 1st Latin rap group with PLATINUM albums, (3) form Serial Rhyme Killas, (4) produce music, (5) smoke HELLA, (6) be named Dr. Green Thumb, (7) kill a man, (8) release 1 solo album and 8 as a group, (9) beef [and reconcile] with Ice Cube, (10) affiliate with the 89 Family Bloods, (11) have his own streaming site, (12) have illusions and (13) host The Smoke Box.

Happy Birthday B Real!!

ABOVE: B-Real Basement Freestyle
ABOVE: B-Real Freestyle
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