JAY-Z’s 2001 Summer Jam Set Surfaces!

On This Date In Hip-Hop, the Hip-Hop God’s have answered our prayers. JAY-Z’s 2001 Summer Jam set has hit the net! Yes this means: (1) The Summer Jam Screen [RIP Prodigy], the debut of “Takeover” and, you guessed it: (3) Michael Jackson.

Summer Jam Screen @ [8:15]

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  1. God damn ! That was wicked ! Watching takeover live like that made it so much more impactful 🔥💀💀💀🎯 although Ether is better IMO. Jiggaz a real 🐐 for that performance 🙌🏾! I was 11 when this dropped so actually seeing that now for the first time is epic 💯! Big ups Bleep!! You The Godfather of Hip- Hop history! No🧢! 🙏🏾👊🏾😭