January 31: Numskull Was Born. (1976)

January 31, 1976 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Garrick “Numskull” Husbands was born in Mississippi. Numskull would grow up to: (1) become 1/2 of LuniTunes which would later become Luniz, (2) start rapping at the age of 13, (3) participate in talent shows, (4) be a member of BWP (brothas with potential) with a young Yukmouth, (5) release 2 solo albums, (6) serve 7 years in prison, (7) roll joints longer than your extension, (8) take a whiz test to his P.O., (8a) fail the aforementioned test due to smoking major weed bro and (9) advise you to stop hitting the joint due to your asthma.

Happy Birthday Drank-A-Lot!!!.

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