January 08: Just Blaze Was Born. (1978)

January 08, 1978 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Justin “Just Blaze” Smith was born. Just Blaze would grow up to: (1) be the son of a singer (mom) and jazz player (dad), (2) be nicknamed Boogie Oogie, (3) become a DJ and rapper, (4) love video games [especially Sega Genesis], (5) learn to produce music, (7) attend #Rutgers, (8) become CEO of Fort Knocks Entertainment, (9) become in-house producer for Rocafella producing jams like Girls Girls Girls, Beanie, Roc The Mic, Song Cry, Hovi Baby, Joe Budden’s Pump It Up, Bleek’s Round Here, Fabolous’ Breathe, Kendrick Lamar’s Compton and more…

Happy Birthday Just Blaze!!! 

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