August 4: Yo-Yo Was Born. (19**)

August 4, 19**- On This Date In Hip-Hop, Yolanda “Yo-Yo” Whitaker was born in Compton, CA. Yo-Yo would grow up to: (1) lie for her nigga, (2) peel a cap for her nigga, (3) act in films and television, (4) advocate female empowerment, (5) become Ice Cube’s protege, (6) release 4 albums, (7) date 2pac, (8) voice act in GTA: San Andreas, (9) be nominated for a Grammy, (10) have the gat in her skirt, (11) let him think he’s gettin over while she gank him for his riches and (12) have a down ass nigga on her team.

Happy Birthday Yo-Yo!

ABOVE: Yo-Yo Freestyle
ABOVE: Yo-Yo – You Can’t Play with My Yo Yo

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