August 22: Dom Kennedy Was Born. (1984)

August 22, 1984 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Dominic “Dom Kennedy” Hunn was born in Los Angeles, CA. Dom Kennedy would grow up to: (1) play baseball and basketball, (2) major in Business Management, (3) represent Leimert Park, (4) be influenced by The Notorious BIG, 2pac, Outkast and LL Cool J, (5) release 5 albums, 1 collaborative project with Hit-Boy and 9 mixtapes, (6) become 1/2 of Half-a-Mil with Hit-Boy, (7) establish his OPM (Other Peoples Money) label, and (8) steal polos After School despite having the money… Happy Birthday Dom!

ABOVE: Notorious DOM
ABOVE: Dom Kennedy Freestyle

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