April 11: Teen Kills State Trooper – Blames 2pac. (1992)

April 11, 1992 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, a 19-year-old eighth grade dropout named Ronald Ray Howard shot and killed Texas Highway Patrol Trooper Bill Davidson after Davidson stopped him for a broken tail light (in a stolen car).

Howard said that the music that he listened to [2Pac’s “Soulja’s Story”] had conditioned him to hate police officers. These lines in particular: “Cops on my tail, so I bail ’til I dodge ’em They finally pull me over and I laugh “Remember Rodney King?” and I blast on his punk ass Now I got a murder case…”

Police recovered a bootlegged copy of #Tupac’s 2pacalypse Now from the vehicle and the trooper’s wife filed a wrongful death lawsuit against 2pac claiming: “There isn’t a doubt in my mind that my husband would still be alive if Tupac hadn’t written these violent, anti-police songs and the companies involved hadn’t published and put them out on the street.”

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