Ras Kass Suggests The Game Has Ghostwriters?

On This Date In Hip-Hop, when trying to not speak up on Blood while speaking up on Blood who he doesn’t care about, Ras Kass says tha “weird nigga” is disqualified from going up against Eminem because he don’t be writing his raps.

Rass Kass mad at The Game’s Drink Champs interview or is he speaking facts? iykyk

ABOVE: Ras Kass speaks on it (2:58 mark)

Hmmm… that’s brazy. It wouldn’t be the 1st time these allegations come to light.

ABOVE: liife can’t speak on it (12:12 mark)

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    1. Honestly wouldn’t be surprised. Dude went downhill after devil’s advocate. Shame cus The Documentery is such a quality album but his wack antics make it so i can’t even publicly say that lol

  1. Who in the game is a household name that can say they’ve had ZERO ghostwriters? Not protecting dude, but it is interesting that Drake and Lil Wayne both got hit with ghostwriter claims publicly and they were both received by the public very differently