iLL Camille: Love at 1st Rhyme

On This Date In Hip-Hop, i’m not quite sure EXACTY where I 1st heard iLL Camille but I know it was a function that @chuckdizzle was hosting. The song was called “Goes Down” ft. Punch of TDE. All it took was the opening verse and I was hooked.

ABOVE: iLL Camille – “Goes Down ft Punch”

Who the fuck is this?! I grew up writing tales about how Black boys were affected by societal ills. I had never heard the female perspective quite like this — and delivered so well.

As it would turn out, iLL Camille is a Compton-born, Inland Empire-raised MC who has since worked with Kendrick Lamar, spit bars for Dr. Dre, had her own NPR Tiny Desk and appeared on Issa Rae’s Insecure.

ABOVE: iLL Camille – “Black Gold”

If you’re looking to diversify your playlist, I’d definitely suggest adding more than a few of her songs to your rotation.

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