August 28: Johnny J Was Born. (1969)

August 28, 1969 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Johnny Jackson was born. Johnny J would grow up to: (1) be adopted at an early age, (2) be raised in South Central L.A., (3) attend Washington High, (4) be in the marching band, (5) produce for Candyman, (6) for Klock Work Ent., (7) be introduced to 2pac by Big Sike (RIP), (8) produce “Pour Out a Little Liquor”, “Death Around the Corner” and hella bangers on All Eyez on Me like All Bout U, How Do U Want It and Life Goes On, (9) release 1 album and (10) unfortunately die in jail while serving time for a DUI.

ABOVE: Johnny J Talks 2pac
ABOVE: Johnny J + 2pac Studio Session

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