August 15: Nipsey Hussle Was Born. (1985)

August 15, 1985 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Ermias “Nipsey Hussle” Asghedom was born. #NipseyHussle would grow up to: bang Rolling 60s Crip, (2) release 1 album & 13 mixtapes, (3) sell his Crenshaw mixtape for $100 (Jay-Z bought 100), (4) become an entrepreneur, (5) act in films such as i Tried and Caged Animal, (6) become a XXL freshman [2010], (7) support and give back to his hood, (8) stop going to school atย 15ย and do a stint in bootcamp, (9) be an avid book reader, (10) keep All Money In, (11) be nothin like you f*ckin rap niggas, (12) stop smoking weed, (13) relapse n*gga, (14) be the streets voice out west, (15) be self made from the dribble, (16) double up, (17) triple up, (18) n*gga what, (19) sell zones in the set, (20) own the masters to his tapes, (21) not need an ID at his bank, (22) be the 2pac of his generation, (23) need real n*gga reparations, (24) hop out the 85 in reebok classics, (25) valet park on some loc shit, (26) be a 3rd generation south central gangbanger, (27) drop out of school, (28) take his name and carve it in the cement, (29) hussle and motivate, (30) build his own computer at an early age…

ABOVE: MC Eiht – “Thuggin It Up”

(31) not really trip on the credit, (32) pay all of his dues, (33) have respect in a 100 sets, (34) take risks, (35) pop at you lames cuz he sucka proof, (36) frontline wars we can’t fix now, (37) have the keyz 2 the city, (38) whack out your hood in graffiti, (39) come thru yo hood on the weekly, (40) grind all his life, (41) pay the price, (42) have a safe full of franklins, (43) have a shoulder full of stripes, (44) make a million while he was young, (45) sit on deuces while the blunt burn, (46) shoot at niggas at the mobile station, (47) have no tint on his mercedes for inspiration, (48) do it real big, (49) put his right hand to God, (50) smoke killa, (51) know that he was different, (52) count up that loot, (52) ask the location of your money, (53) make real n*gga moves, (54) live by the motto lets get killed or get rich, (55) get kicked for bangin on the MPC, (56) date lauren london, (57) be nominated for a Grammy, (58) father 2 children, (59) speak at colleges and (60) be shot dead at the age of 33

ABOVE: MC Eiht – “You Can’t See Me”

Happy Birthday Neighborh60d Nip! RIP Nipsey Hussle

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