April 13: Ty Dolla $ign Was Born. (1982)

April 13, 1982 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Tyrone “Ty Dolla Sign” Griffin Jr. was born in Los Angeles, CA. Ty Dolla Sign would grow up to: (1) represent w/s 20’s, (2) be inspired by music through his father – a musician in the band Lakeside, (3) learn how to play the bass guitar, drums, guitar, keys and MPC, (4) help and produce Toot It And Boot It, (5) release 3 albums, 1 collaborative album with Jeremih and 9 mixtapes, (6) have 2pac as his favorite artist and J Dilla as one of his favorite producers, (7) sign with Taylor Gang, (8) babe a songwriter and (9) be a part of the production collective D.R.U.G.S.

Happy Birthday Ty $ Sign!!

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