April 12: Mellow Man Ace Was Born. (1967)

April 12, 1967 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Ulpiano “Mellow Man Ace” Reyes was born in Cuba. Mellow Man Ace would grow up to: (1) relocate to a section in Los Angeles called South Gate with his family at the age of 4, (2) play baseball, (3) get his name “Mellow Man” from a Tomahawk Funk freestyle (4) form devastating vocal xcellence with his brother Sen Dog, Krazy D and Tomahawk Funk (Funk Doobiest), (5) sign to Delicious Vinyl, (6) live on Cypress Avenue 👀 (7) become a founding member of Cypress Hill, (8) release 5 albums, (9) be the 1st with a bilingual hit Mentirosa (10) be regarded as the Godfather of Latin Rap

Feliz Cumpleaños to eL Padrino!

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