Sept. 6: Foxy Brown Was Born. (19**)

September 6, 19** – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Inga “Foxy Brown” Marchand was born in New York. #FoxyBlockedMe would grow up to: (1) take up rapping in her teens, (2) become a member of The Firm, (3) release 3 albums, (4) act in films, (5) block me , (6) smack up nail shop workers and other rappers, (7) do a stint in jail, (8) have the iLL NaNa, (9) annihilate her verse on Affirmative Action off Nas’ It Was Written (iono about the math tho) and (10) date Kurupt of the Dogg Pound… Happy Birthday Foxy!

ABOVE: Foxy Brown Westwood Freestyle
ABOVE: Foxy Brown DJ Clue Freestyle

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