Sept. 28: Jeezy Was Born. (1977)

September 28, 1977 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Jay “Jeezy” Jenkins was born in Columbia, South Carolina. Jeezy would grow up to: (1) relocate with his family to Atlanta at a young age, (2) do boot camp as a teen, (3) rap as LiL J, (4) sign with Bad Boy, (5) become a member of Boyz N Da Hood and USDA, (6) release 12 albums, (7) thug under the influence, (8) act in Janky Promoters, (9) be known as the Snowman (10) get a shoutout from the President (11) notify you about the color of his country’s leader and his foreign car and (12) be nominated for 4 Grammys. Happy Birthday Jeezy!

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