August 25: Shock G Was Born. (1963)

August 25, 1963 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Gregory “Shock G” Jacobs was born. Shock G would grow up to: (1) learn to drum, (2) get his name as the result of mishearing Shah-T suggest his name be Shah-G, (3) drop out of school [obtained his diploma later], (4) become a member of the Master Blasters, (5) DJ, (6) teach himself the piano, (7) study music in college, (8) form Digital Underground, (9) have an alter ego Humpty Hump, (10) be the one who said just grab em in the biscuits (11) act and (12) co-produce 2pac’s 2PacalypseNow. Happy Birthday and RIP Shock G

ABOVE: Shock G Freestyle
ABOVE: Shock G & Tupac

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