Site Questions

How Can I Get Featured On The Website?

Everything starts with your submission. You can either submit for free and one of our bloggers will get to your music… Or you can control the day and time of your placement on the website with PAID PLACEMENTS. Both options will get you a post on our Instagram. Paid website placements come with a FREE guaranteed post to our Instagram as a Bump It Or Dump It contestant. Submit Today.

I'd Like To Submit A Date You Don't Have...

Ok… Use This Form.

Why Can't I See Dates Past A Certain Time?

Because the competition be up on this hoe shopping – can’t make it THAT easy.

I Want To Blog For You Guys... Can I?

Sure you can. Let us know you’re interested by filling out the form here.

Can I Create My Own Topics In The Forum?

Yes. Yes you can. The forum is open to the public… But, once it gets too ratchet, we will shut down topic creation to the outside.

What's The Deal With The Shop?

The shop is like a Hip-Hop Chuckie Cheese. You can use the Kool Points that you earn for participating on the site and buy the items that we unlock in the store.

Can I Have My Video On The Submission Page?

Yes you can… Before anyone is able to submit music, they must first watch a video or play a song and answer a question pertaining to that video/song. Having your video sponsor the submission page will get you views/plays from a 100% Hip-Hop demographic. Here come your new fans.

There is no booking system for this yet but you can inquire here.

Can I Advertise On Your Website?

Yes you may. We can take your ad campaign from start to finish including the creation of your banner. Inquire here.

What's This Profile Business?

This website is it’s own community. You have the option to create friends, send private messages, form groups — it’s your world.

Kool Point Questions

What Are Kool Points

Kool Points are participation points that you can  use SAME AS CASH in our shop. We’re partnering with some dope brands so you’ll definitely wanna get your KP’s up.

How Do I Earn Kool Points?

There are many ways to earn Kool Points. Some ways are hidden but the more obvious ones are: participating in the forum [THA BLOCK], having people visit the forum topics that you create, catching pop up opportunities on our Instagram and SnapChat profiles, and commenting on blog items using DISQUS [the email that you sign up with and your DISQUS email must match to receive Kredit].

How Can I Track My Kool Points?

You can track your Kool Points in your profile under the KOOL POINTS tab. There you will find a log of all the points that you earned.

I Didn't Get Credited Kool Points. What Gives?

Oh well nigga… They’re imaginary points so you have an imaginary problem. LOL

Can I Transfer Or Combine My Kool Points

There is an option to activate this but we have it turned OFF for now.

Can I Use Kool Points For Partial Payment?

In the future you will be able to buy gift certificates with your Kool Points. You can then use those gift certificates to knock down the price of a shop item and pay the rest with cash. Until that is implemented, you must have the whole thang in Kool Points in order to make the purchase.

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