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Thank you... I am humbled that you're even here. It's time to take @OnThisDateInHipHop to the next level. I'm actually a year behind to be honest. I've battled with asking for donations... Maybe because I'm used to always doing things on my own. In making my rounds through life, I realize that you need 3 things in order to truly be great and elevate (1) God, (2) a great team and (3) people who support you. I've also come to the realization that I ain't begging for money. Wikipedia and KCRW run their ship on donations. I feel like this is our platform. Let's make it great. I wouldn't trick off your donations / subscription money on illicit drugs or even elite prostitutes. I'd use the money to (1) pay people who've volunteered these past years, (2) secure features from prominent artists, (3) pay hosts, (4) maintain the server, (5) pay for the development of the app, (6) have contests, etc. i'll come up with plan incentives later but leave your Instagram name so I can retroactively thank you when they're in place. My goal is to have 2,500 monthly subscribers to help #OTDIHH with its 5 year plan.


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