Sept. 8: Slim Thug Was Born. (1980)

September 8, 1980 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Stayve “Slim Thug” Thomas was born in Houston, Texas. Slim Thug would grow up to: (1) get his name from his physical stature, (2) freestyle at parties as a teen, (3) form his own label Boss Hogg Outlawz, (4) own record stores, (5) release 14 albums, (6) have his life depicted in Lupe Fiasco’s Hip-Hop Saved My Life video, and (7) win a VMA. Happy Birthday Slim Thug!

ABOVE: Slim Thug – “Rap City Freestyle”
ABOVE: Slim Thug on “Hip-Hop Saved My Life”

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