Sept. 25: T.I. Was Born. (1980)

September 25, 1980 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Clifford “T.I.” Harris Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia. TIP would grow up to: (1) begin rapping at the age of 8, (2) drop out of school and sell drugs, (3) be named TIP after his great-grandfather, (4) be known as Rubberband Man, (5) blow dro on 24’s, (6) still ain’t forgive himself, (7) release 11 albums, (8) act in films, (9) save 2 people from suicide, (10) desire situations to be handled expeditiously (11) win 3 Grammys and (12) have a reality show.. Happy Birthday T.I.

ABOVE: T.I. Rap City Freestyle
ABOVE: T.I. Freestyle

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