Sept. 14: Nas Was Born. (1973)

September 14, 1973 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Nasir “Nas” Jones was born. Nas would grow up to: (1) grow up in the Queensbridge Houses, (2) be turnt on to Hip-Hop by iLL Will [RIP], (3) play the trumpet, (4) drop out of school in the 8th grade, (5) be known as Kid Wave, (6) chip his tooth swinging on a bathroom shower rod, (7) have a 5 mic debut album, (8) ether JAY-Z, (9) become a member of The. Firm, (10) never win a Grammy, (12) release 14 1/2 albums, (13) act in films such as Belly and In Too Deep, (14) have his own HSTRY clothing line and co-foundMass Appeal Records, (15) do it his way, (16) shoot his way out mom dukes (RIP Ann Jones), (17) go to hell for snuffing Jesus at the age of 12, (18) beef with 50 Cent and 2pac (later resolved), (19) make you look and (20) request that you refrain from saying his vehicle doesnt have a roof but instead say that the breasts are exposed. Happy Birthday Nasty Nas!!!

ABOVE: Nas Rap City Freestyle
ABOVE: Nas Tim Westwood Freestyle

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