Sept. 11: Ludacris Was Born. (1977)

September 11, 1977 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Ludacris Bridges was born in Champaign, iLLinois. Ludacris would grow up to: relocated with his family to Atlanta at the age ofĀ 9, (2) DJ at radio station Hot 97.5, (3) study music management, (4) disturb the peace, (5) tell a bitch to move out of his way, (6) be known as Lova Lova, (7) co-own a label and line of liquor Conjure, (8) act in tv and film, (9) releaseĀ 9Ā albums, (10) beef with T.I. and Bill Oā€™ Reilly and (11) tell a hoe that she’s a hoe. Hoeeee! Happy Birthday Luda!!

ABOVE: Ludacris Rap City Freestyle
ABOVE: Ludacris Freestyle

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