Review: Evidence’s Weather Or Not


West Coast Emcee/Producer Evidence brings us his third solo album “Weather or Not”. Highly respected with a roster of phenomenal producers, Evidence has said this will be the last in his Weatherman series. “As a writer and a rapper, I’ve been using the weather as a metaphor my whole career,” Evidence explains. “On the Dilated Peoples song “Guaranteed”, I had a line that said, ‘Some think I’m clever, others think I’m the one who makes too many references to weather… or not.’ Every time I would perform that song live, the crowd would always say the ‘or not’, so I knew I was on to something, and it would eventually be an album title.” 

So here we are, the album opens with Evidence welcoming you back to “The Factory”. Constantly representing the West with respect for bars and presence. Evidencemakes a commitment to remain dope, with Twiz on the production.

Second, “Throw it all away” with production from Alchemist. This is classic Evidence, and also the first release from the album. “I write to Alchemist cause others don’t inspire me”.

Third, “Powder Cocaine” produced by Alchemist featuring Catero on the Hook and Slug of Atmosphere on the second verse. Evidence says “Got an ocean in mind they wanna settle for streams, I wanna settle for more, I wanna get knocked down so I can settle the score”. Slug delivers as usual with a great verse only complimenting the songs concept.

Next we have the second single “Jim Dean” produced by Nottz. The beat is dope and Evidence matches the energy perfect. With a great video to complement the vibes!

Track five is the album title song, “Weather or Not” produced by DJ Babu. Here Evidence goes head first with his references to weather. “Love ya fans and like ya label, and I ain’t making shit for neither lay that on the table”. This signifies Evidence finishing his idea he set out with the Weather references from his storied career.

Next we have a slight interlude “Moving too Fast” from Catero, produced by Evidence, this serves as a transition and opportunity for a weather skit.

Number seven “Runners” brings us a Defari feature, not wasting a second with the bars. Evidence and Defari go back and forth with Evidence pondering, “Things I never thought about, trying to be elusive and the process get forgot about”. Very nice cut.

Number eight “Bad Publicity” Evidence brings more of the slow flow over a Nottz produced track featuring Krondon on the hook. With some great scratching at the end with another weather skit tucked in.

“Raindrops” number nine, Evidence brings a solemn flow over an even more sincere rain infused beat. “Keys open doors but the doors are off the hinges”, this serves very much as a reflection off the window seal while staring out at the rain.

Number Ten “Sell Me This Pen” brings us an eerie Alchemist beat and VERSE! VERY RARE! Evidence picks it up with “Bigger picture, if I rhyme, it’s just coincidence, these are God’s words given to my brain on top of instruments”. Continuing the rarity with Mach Hommy on the third verse, with some people thinking Mach may be dissing to Westside Gunn here. (Kanye Shrug). The track seems to end with Evidence in France, ordering a panini.

Next we have “Love is a Funny Thing” featuring Styles P, Rapsody and Khrysis on the hook. The topic is as exactly as the song title would suggest, with Styles P and Rapsody coming thru solid as ever!

Number Twelve “10,000 Hours” produced by DJ Premier, Evidence reflects on the times that made him who is today. The usual skit at the end.

Thirteen brings “What I Need”, making a stand to get what he needs – and asking “I hope emotion is respectable, question is: is emotion superseding technical?” Great cut.

Number Fourteen “To Make a Long Story Longer” featuring Jonwayne. With Evidence, “Some overcome their fear – the ones that don’t the ones that worry me”. Jonwayne brings a complementary verse here, explaining his evolution with great word play.

Number Fifteen “Wonderful World” produced by Budgie featuring Rakaa with a great cadence the Budgie drop.

Last but not least “By My Side Too”, also produced by Budgie. Evidence gets as personal as ever here. Explains the story of his girlfriends battle with cancer and how he feels her pregnancy with his son helped save her life.


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