Oct. 3: Talib Kweli Was Born. (1975)

October 3, 1975 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Talib Kweli Greene was born in Brooklyn, New York. Talib Kweli would grow up to: (1) grow up in a household of educators, (2) be inspired by De La Soul, (3) become 1/2 of Reflection Eternal, (4) form Black Star with Mos Def and Idle Warship with Res, (5) form Blacksmith Records, (6) release 8 albums, (7) become an activist (8) bang on Don Lemon, (9) host the Peoples Party podcast and (10) delve into entrepreneurship… Happy Birthday Talib Kweli! 

ABOVE: Talib Kweli Funk Flex Freestyle
ABOVE: Talib Kweli on Rap City

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