Oct. 17: Kurupt’s Bodyguard Gunned Down. (1999)

October 17, 1999 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, kurupt’s bodyguard Dewayne “Draws” Dupree was shot and killed when two gunmen shot at their group at Echo Sounds in Los Angeles. Tha Realest and Act Da Fool were also injured in the shooting.

With the recent drop of Kurupt’s Calling Out Names, initial speculation was that the shooting was an act of retaliation from DMX who was a target of the CLASSIC diss song. However, after an investigation, it was discovered that the act was carried out by 2 Toonerville Rifa 13 gang members — one being Timothy Joseph McGhee who has at least 12 bodies to his name and is ironically now on Death Row. SIP LiL’ Draws

ABOVE: The Echo Sounds Shooting
ABOVE: Timothy McGhee – Monster of Atwater Village

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