Nipsey Hussle Victory Lap Review


Nipsey Hussle “Victory Lap” is finally here! After announcing his partnership with Atlantic last year, the anticipation couldn’t be higher for the product. Nipsey delivers.

The album opens with the title track “Victory Lap” featuring vocals from Stacy Barthe, seemingly weaving throughout the beat for an encapsulating feel. Great introduction.

Second, we have “Rap N*ggas”, the first official single from the album. Nipsey is aggressive as ever separating himself from the rest of the rap game. “I own the rights to all my raps, n*gga”, and with the truth in that line, Nipsey won.

Next, we got the second single and the third track featuring YG, “Last time that I Checc’d”. Keeping the pressure on with another hard cut, Nipsey recalls his rep being A1. YG delivers on the third verse, calling out fake methods from other rappers.

Fourth we got “Young N*gga”, with a sample of PartyNextDoor vocals from his song “West District”. Nipsey’s flow is precise here, with Diddy lightly sprinkling some adlibs throughout the extended verse of a song. The perfect bridge to the next.

“Dedication” featuring Kendrick Lamar, this was the third official single from the album. Nipsey opens on the first verse with persistence  “he frustrated so he get faded, but deep down inside he know you can’t fade him”, this attitude is the reason Nipsey is where he is now! Kendrick only complements the vibe of the song, expanding on his come up in the game. Nipsey ends the song with a strong third verse, “Royalties, Publishing, plus I own masters, I’ll be damned if I slave for some white crackers”.

Next, we have an incredibly smooth Mike N Keys production, “Blue Laces 2”. Nipsey’s flow is impeccable when he rocks in the pocket of this type of beat. Too many bars and lines here, “Dropped out of school, I’ma teach myself, Made my first mil’ on my own, I don’t need your help”. “City Council meeting, they got Hussle speaking!” Nipsey has a flashback and creates an incredible cinematic third verse.

Number 7, “Hussle & Motivate”, Nipsey resets the tempo of the album back to pressing the competition. “Remember I came in this bitch, fresh out the county with nothing to lose”, not sure who is on the hook, but it only complements as an interlude before Nipsey starts pulling cards again. Questioning their motives and credibility while establishing, “I got respect in a hundred sets, too many chains need another chest, playing no games if it wasn’t chess”.

Next with the trilogy, “Status Symbol 3” featuring Buddy. The song outlines the struggles of maintaining your position in the game when the pressure hits you. “All my partners steady passin’, tryna wiggle through the madness”.

Next “Succa Proof”, Nipsey continues the calling out of frauds in the game. Making it clear he doesn’t respect all the fake, the hook has a great feel with the slightest scratching under Nipsey’s ramped up vocals.

Another sequel continuing the legacy with “Keys 2 the City 2” featuring TeeFlii. TeeFlii delivers with the first verse, Nipsey on the hook and Verse 2. Declaring his superiority in the City, the third verse brings a great beat change.

Next with “Grinding all my life” Nipsey continues his masterclass on self-made success. The great thing about Nipsey, is he never lets you forget you HAVE TO PAY YOUR DUES AND SACRIFICE! The success is in finding the balance and Nipsey breaks this down.

With “Million While You Young”, Nipsey continues this trend of “I would rather shoot before I run, pressure on my shoulder weigh a ton, you should try and do what we done, make a million dollars while you young”. The gems and jewels continue to drop, the beat seems laid back, but the pressure is still on. Featuring a fade to black from The Dream.

The next track “Loaded Bases” features Ceelo Green. Very Victory like feel to this, “Let’s all get on one accord and take the world n*ggas”. Ceelo only contributes to that feeling.

Next “Real Big” is the official last track of the album, the song begins with the fade in from an audience applause. “Just left my record label got more rich”, Nipsey has proven and shown he deserves his spot and recognition. Marsha Ambrosius lends her voice to help wrap the song up in a great way.

Next the first bonus track “Double Up” featuring Belly and Dom Kennedy, this song wasn’t originally included in the album, rather placed on a few days before release. Belly adds to the atmosphere of the song, while Nipsey chronicles his journey to “Double Up”. Dom Kennedy delivers a spaced-out flow, matching the feeling of the track perfectly. The fan favorite collaborators, Dom and Nipsey, got a great one on the album.

The final bonus track “Right Hand to God”, just some classic Nipsey verses. Very victory like, you can see them waving the flags at the finish line. A very great ending to in my opinion a Classic debut, very well executed. Nipsey took his time and made sure the MUSIC before anything, was correct and the product is a solid album that will prove to be long lasting. Remember I am writing this, same day the album dropped, the high quality is clear – 4.6/5 or 9.3/10. Get at me in the comments, don’t forget to @ me tho.


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