January 18: GS9’s Cueno Sentenced to 130 Years. (2017)

January 18, 2017 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Bobby Shmurda associate and fellow GS9 rapper Santino “Cueno” Boderick was handed down a 117 1/2 to 130 year sentence months after turning down a 15-year plea deal. Cueno plead not guilty to 31 charges but was found guilty on 23 of them which included conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder in the 2nd degree, criminal possession of a weapon and a plethora of other charges with different names that basically mean the same thing.

I wonder if telling the judge to “Suck [his] D*ck” and to “[Love] himself” right before sentencing was the smartest thing to do.

I hear Cueno’s sentence has since been reduced to 40 years.

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  1. in Australia sentences just do not get that big..
    my longest was 5 years & i’ve done 15 years all up.. if i lived in America i’d be doing like 50-100+ years or something ,, my most serious was Aggravated Robbery/Kidnapping & i escaped from prison a year into a sentence, i was 24 out for 4 days before we got pinched me & another guy ended up co-offenders on the escape, we got an extra 2 years sent back to the maximum security section of the jail we escaped from waiting to go to prison. me & this lad become good mates, we were placed two out together after the escape back in jail it was cool af lol , then classified & told we could never be housed in the same prison .., i went Goulburn C.C. & think he went to Kempsey Prison….. 20 years ago i’m 44 & think fuck i had some dash when i was younger DID NOT GIVE A FUCK being white here doesn’t help.. i went to public schools was expelled heaps stopped going grew up in housing commission (projects) so i get no love .. i’m robbing the upper class & thats who’s sentenced me hahah FTP FTS