May 28: The Game Tells The Truth About Eminem?

May 28, 2022 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, it’s album rollout time. And as we all know… with Blood, that consists of hella media and publicity shenanigans. But, in addressing the hype around Eminem, Blood lowkey inadvertently explains why he has to resort to calling the paparazzi on himself.

ABOVE: Blood talks Eminem @ the 58:20 mark

It’s the machine, man.

GEM: Comments will make your wallet fat. 🤑

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  1. lol he used to be one them people saying you don’t fuck wit em 😂 …. Game just mad cause he thought he’d become the same thing. Plus announcing an album along these headlines just shows again how much of a sell out he is. Too bad cause he really is a talented rapper imo but come on with this bipolar shit bro cut it. Dude’s lame for this