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I’m Done With The Industry

March 20, 2015   Thanks for clicking the link.   Welcome to On This Date In Hip-Hop. This is my new baby.   I've decided to give this thing another go. Thanks for the encouragement (and discouragement).   All I ever really wanted was to build my own lane and not have to conform to the industry standard of what a West Coast emcee should look and sound like. In that quest, I've rubbed a few people the wrong way. It's all good, they can blacklist me if they want. I can't say too much now but please believe there is a force hindering my progress. So, I'm going to lay low and play the background. Build my following back up and take over.   If I can't stay relevant by having the ability to keep up with current trending topics and create new content, then I will stay relevant by reliving the past.