February 5: Hip-Hop Boycotts Pepsi. (2003)

January 05, 2009 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Russell Simmons called on all artists and supporters of Hip-Hop culture to boycott Pepsi.

The boycott arose from Pepsi pulling Ludacris’ commercial after Bill O’Reilly told all his viewers to switch to Coke after Pepsi signed “potty-mouthed” Ludacris for commercial promo. Pepsi then replaced Luda for an even more vulgar Ozzy Osbourne. lol

Russell Simmons’ HipHop Action Network demanded a public apology from Pepsi, a $5 million charitable donation to the Ludacris Foundation and the reinstatement of Luda’s video.

The soda company would fold to the pressure a week later and agreed to the $5 million donation to Luda’s foundation – but held off on an apology and running the commercial again.

Ironically, the same Bill O’Reilly who chastised Luda for disrespecting women was fired from Fox for multiple sexual harassment allegations.


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