August 20: KRS-One Was Born. (1965)

August 20, 1965 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Lawrence “KRS-One” Parker was born in The Bronx, New York. KRS One would grow up to: (1) become homeless, (2) meet Scott La Rock (who was a counselor) at a homeless shelter, (3) write graffiti, (4) be known as Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everyone, (5) become a member of Boogie Down Productions, (6) beef with The Juice Crew, (7) form the Stop The Violence Movement, (8) release 12 solo albums, (9) act in films, (10) author books and (11) notify everyone of the sound of law enforcement. Happy Birthday KRS One! #NoBambaataaTho

ABOVE: KRS-One 5 Minute Freestyle
ABOVE: KRS-One Rap City Freestyle

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