April 6: Nas Releases I Am. (1999)

April 6, 1999 – On This Date In Hip-Hop, Nas released his 3rd album i Am… on Columbia. Led by Hate Me Now and Nas Is Like, Nas’ 2x PLATINUM album would peak at #1 on the 2pac 200. #NoTypo

ABOVE: Nas – “Nas Is Like”

The album features dimes by Puff Daddy, Scarface, Aaliyah and DMX

ABOVE: Nas – “Hate Me Now”

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  2. So much heat on here. Dr Knockboot is the reason I got into having session musicians replay samples. Couldn’t get  a clean chop, plus no stems. There’s also ‘Nas is Like’.

  3. Call me crazy but because I was born in 91 and been a huge Jay-Z Stan all my life, I never liked Nas. Never listened to him— you’d never know that today though, I absolutely love that man.