April 1: MC Hammer Files For Bankruptcy. (1996)

April 1, 1996 – Remember when JAY-Z rapped “unlike Hammer 30 Mill couldn’t hurt me” on “So Appalled?” Well, that’s because On This Date In Hip-Hop in 1996, MC Hammer had filed for bankruptcy claiming that he was 13 MILLION dollars in debt – just 5 short years after Forbes clocked his wallet at $33 million in 1991.

The bar wasn’t taken too lightly and hammer fired back with the SCATHING “Better Run Run.” 

ABOVE: MC HAMMER – “Better Run Run” JAY-Z Diss

While tabloids blamed his financial mishap on his mansion, private jets and horses, MC Hammer says he lost his money because he was LOYAL — employing over 200+ homies from the hood.

ABOVE: MC HAMMER explains losing his money.

Whatever the case, in true hustler fashion, MC Hammer bounced back from his misfortune and now deals in many business and tech endeavors including having a mixed martial arts management company and being an early investor in Twitter and Youtube.

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