#OTDIHH: Shyne Busts His Gun; J. Lo & Diddy Arrested

#OTDIHH: Shyne Busts His Gun; J. Lo & Diddy Arrested

December 27, 1999

#OnThisDateInHipHop, #Shyne and his then-girlfriend accompanied #Puffy and #JLo to #ClubNewYork in #Manhattan. At some point during the night, an altercation occurred where money was thrown in Diddy’s face and guns were drawn.

#Shyne would ultimately discharge his weapon inside of the club – hitting 3 people. #JLo and #Diddy fled from the scene but were pulled over a few blocks away. A stolen gun was found in their vehicle.

Shyne, who was 21 at the time, maintained that the shooting was in self-defense (which makes sense because he doesn’t drink or smoke and had a pending debut album out) and he only shot after “Scar” and his crew produced weapons.

Charges would be dropped against #JenniferLopez but Diddy and Shyne would both catch cases. Diddy would dodge any criminal prosecution but quietly paid the victims $850,000. #Shyne would be sentenced to 10 years.

I don’t like the way #PDiddy did Shyne with different lawyers. #WhyItsInMyCaptionFuckIt

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