What comes first for you, Lyrics or Beats?

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    My uncle showed me “Feel it in the Air- Beanie Sigel” at a young age. He played it and that sample kicked by “Raphael Ravenscroft-Whole lotta Something Going On” and i was just mesmerized. But i was into the lyrics. I am a lyricist and for me if the lyrics aren’t tight then i just can’t get into it. The music doesn’t have to be spectacular. I mean i love mac lethal and eyedea and in my opinion its solely because they are spectacular lyricists. But at the same time its WAY hard for me to jam Bone thugs for more than a half hour. But in most old hip hop heads i know they say the opposite. they listen for the melodies and beats, then lyrics come next. I think its a generational thing. what do you think??? @kody @otdihh @infinitevisionz @nitarojas @playmeite @uknowlb



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    For me being an emcee, it’s more about how the beats and rhymes mesh. I can write acapellas all day but I prefer crafting rhymes to a beat that draws some type of emotion or thought. I am a fan of super lyrical rappers with lofi beats or even what some would consider “swag” rappers with extravagant beats where they are more effective with saying less. I believe if the blend comes right and one makes up for the other or they even out than you have a great song. Someone can be a crazy lyricist as far as the words go, but their projection and delivery can fall short or vice versa. Someone may have the delivery but no substance with what they are saying. I believe you gotta find the healthy balance to have the appeal of a great song. Great topic no doubt




    bone thugs cant do no wrong in my book.. but, i fucks with lyrics 1st.
    i can be drawn in by an acapella alone.

    if an artist knows what he’s doing then his lyrics are an instrument on their own.
    like a lisa simpson sax solo

    commercially – you can say the most prolific shit but if that beat aint what’s trending – you can forget it.
    @dakotalebaron @infinitevisionz



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    For me it’s got to be the Beat…when I listen to a song, and the beat is dope – I’m on it. Then there are times when I get CD and let it play til I hear something sweet like a good hook, then I’m like WOW, I could FWI 🙂
    I’ve learnt to listen to songs first by letting it ride, til I’ve heard what I want to hear.

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