Homosexuality in Hip Hop

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    The Baron

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    Surprised nobody has brought this up. I think when it comes to what a man does in bed, he best keep that shit to himself. Because people LOVE to talk. I think biggie was closet homosexual. “You look so good i’ll suck on your daddies dick”? Probably best he kept it away from the public because a gay rapper in the nineties, would not pan out. But now-a-days its totally socially acceptable. -Look at Macklemore .. hahaha



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    Name a homosexual rapper in the 90’s that’s a Male….but when it’s a Female? C’mon #NuffSaid


    Bugz Gutta

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    Me being a rapper who just happens to be gay…i can honestly say its tough being gay and in hip hop… especially if you are not your typical gay rapper…. you will be looked at like your fronting or not real…..but im here to let the world know when you got bars you got bars….at the end of the day i am hip hop


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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