Good artists copy; Great artists steal

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    The Baron

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    What do you think about this statement made by Pablo Picasso? “Good artists copy; Great artists steal”? The bottom line is, it is impossible for the human brain to come up with a completely original thought. We have to be inspired by something. Every piece of music is derived in some way shape or form from classical music played hundreds of years ago. Its all copied. Any artist that says anything different is a liar. Use what you want and be as creative as you can. Will you get sued? Maybe. But i say fight. Fight for your right to speak and be creative.

    “Wax Tailor- Once Upon A Past” The sampler, as well as the turntable
    Were principal tools, largely responsible
    For the birth and development of hip-hop

    With a sampler any drum beat, any guitar riff
    Any sound that could be recorded
    Could be used as part of a new composition
    A new contextualization
    The recording you are listening to now is an example


    Where a cultural production
    Enlists musically
    That was full of possibilities
    By virtue of being able to freely appropriate
    From the musical past

    And to make new combinations,
    And thus, new meanings

    The story demonstrates
    That the society quote
    Free to borrow and built upon a past,
    Is culturally richer than a controlled one.



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    Wow. Eye-opener that one…
    Copy would be to “mimic” but the original is still present, therefore making it their version. Steal would be to “claim” it without permission, therefore making it theirs. Both would cause debate but if you wanted it that much, you will fight for it.
    I L.O.V.E LOVE sampled music, especially from the old school. It’s interesting to see what artists do WITH IT.

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